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Club Planner runs on all platforms, in the cloud or with a local database. You can choose between applications, an online platform, apps and IOT devices.


With Qore we've done a lot of research on a solid planning partner, and Club Planner was the most all round reservation system we could find. Club Planner is the perfect fit for our custom personal training concept. The Club Planner team is always available and flexible to meet our customized needs. They keep trying to innovate their services, which results in a user-friendly interface for our members.

Kat Kerkhofs



At the start of our new club we were looking for a total package where we had insight into our customers, planning and sales. This is how we ended up at Club Planner. The package is extremely user-friendly, but it is mainly the personal contact and the professional support of the employees that makes us feel good. This makes Club Planner truly unique!

Nathalie Temmerman



The start-up phase of our club was a success by the close follow-up of the CP team. They are always available and act quickly and correctly. After 1 year of working, the functions were expanded and tailor-made according to our needs. Thanks to good communication and interaction between us and Club Planner, these functions were quickly implemented. The possibilities are huge and availability is the big plus!

Nils Maes

Venice Beach - Ghelamco Arena


The collaboration went well from the very first contact with Club Planner employees. Clear explanation, thorough knowledge, experience in the fitness sector ... You can always count on a fast service at start-up, as well as questions and possible problems. Our 4 clubs work with Club Planner and our employees had few problems with the start-up. It is also a clear and well-organized control system for managers. They continue to innovate.

Kim Drijkoningen



RPM Fitness has been using Club Planner from day 1 without worries. We use the access control, bar modules, reservation module and apps. Very nice and user-friendly package and above all ... everything runs automatically!

Miriam Mahu

RPM Fitness


Excellent package, reliable software. Especially the after-sales service with the easy accessibility, follow-up and customer-friendliness is what convinced us to install Club Planner in all our clubs.

Stijn Pieters

CrossFit OmniMove


Clubplanner hielp ons bij de opstart van een nieuw reservatiesysteem van het stedelijk zwembad. We bekeken samen de noden en in een mum van tijd was het systeem operationeel, helemaal in de look and feel van het zwembad. Bij nieuwe ontwikkelingen bood men steeds op een professionele manier een gerichte oplossing. Het pakket biedt duidelijk veel mogelijkheden. Daarnaast zijn ze een toonbeeld in opvolging en bereikbaarheid.

Hannah Verdoodt

Aalst Sport

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