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Club Planner runs on all platforms, in the cloud or with a local database. You can choose between applications, an online platform, apps and IOT devices.


Excellent package, reliable software. Especially the after-sales service with the easy accessibility, follow-up and customer-friendliness is what convinced us to install Club Planner in all our clubs.

Stijn Pieters, Zaakvoerder

CrossFit OmniMove


At the start of our new club we were looking for a total package where we had insight into our customers, planning and sales. This is how we ended up at Club Planner. The package is extremely user-friendly, but it is mainly the personal contact and the professional support of the employees that makes us feel good. This makes Club Planner truly unique!

Nathalie Temmerman



The difficult start-up phase of our club was more than offset by the close follow-up of the CP team. They are always available and act quickly and correctly. After 1 year of working, the functions were expanded and tailor-made according to our needs. Thanks to good communication and interaction between us and Club Planner, these functions were quickly implemented. The possibilities are huge and after 1 year we wonder how we survived 7 years without Club Planner. Availability is the big plus!

Joachim Massinon

Venice Beach - Ghelamco Arena


The collaboration went well from the very first contact with Club Planner employees. Clear explanation, thorough knowledge, experience in the fitness sector ... You can always count on a fast service at start-up, as well as questions and possible problems. Our 4 clubs work with Club Planner and our employees had few problems with the start-up. It is also a clear and well-organized control system for managers. They continue to innovate.

Kim Drijkoningen



RPM Fitness has been using Club Planner from day 1 without worries. We use the access control, bar modules, reservation module and apps. Very nice and user-friendly package and above all ... everything runs automatically!

Miriam Mahu

RPM Fitness

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