Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

If you are already a client, you can go to the 'Downloads'-page on our website. You will need to fill-in your client number and VAT-number to download the Club Planner software on your computer.
Your client can go to your personalised online platform: https://www.'name' where he can click on 'Forgot password'. He will automatically receive an e-mail with a randomly generated password. You can make a new password manually for a member by going to this member in Club Planner's members tab and by clicking on the 'key'-button or the member can change his own password under Account Settings.
Go to your personalised online platform: https://www.'name' On this link your clients can click on the log-in button to register or log-in to your online platform.
We do not recommend that, but in some cases this may be necessary and we can support this.
We use an SMS gateway, in which we insert your own SIM card. The price per SMS depends on your own provider. You only pay a small contribution for the rent of the hardware to us.
We are a registered partner of Worldline, all devices of Worldline are supported.
Make sure your terminal is connected to the network (UTP cable) and in the power supply (power cable). Make sure that the terminal is also connected to your computer (via serial port) or via USB port (with RS232 cable).

1) On the terminal, press Stop > OK > Menu to open the terminal menu.
2) Press 3. Terminal Setup > 10. Next (0 on the keypad).
3) Press 9. Engineer only. The Single Technician password is 1235789, then press OK.
4) Press 4. Hardware setting.
5) Press 2. ECR Protocol.
6) Check the ECR Protocol. If it is not yet on CTEP, choose Modify/Change in the upper right corner.
7) Press 9. CTEP. Press OK twice. The bancontact terminal will now restart and is ready for use.
We have an any-point-in-time restoration with a maximum of 30 days. If you want more, this can be arranged. Please note that if we have to restore a backup to your computer, 1 hour of work will be invoiced.
Unlimited, our licensing model does not set a maximum amount.